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Workout of the Week: BitCoin!

Bitcoin has become a hot topic lately, particularly on top of Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox’s announcement that they had lost nearly $500 million and would be filing bankruptcy. What led the giant exchange to this place is anyone’s guess.

This week, we decided we would analyze the rise and sudden fall of Mt.Gox by taking a look at the price of Bitcoins traded on its exchange. The crypto currency saw a massive rise over the past 12 months, moving from $13 in January 2013 to over $1200 in December 2013. We saw this change as a great reason to bring Bitcoin market data into Alpine and analyze it for ourselves.

Analysis: Data was gathered from the market data API at Quandl, uploaded in the Alpine Quantum environment, and analyzed for basic summary statistics. Check out the video and try to reproduce to have your own hand at some of the great insights!

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