Why Alpine?

It's no secret: the Big Data Era is upon us. There isn't a single day when new statistics are published about the growth of the data generated, collected and available for us to mine and analyze.

If you've come to our site, you most likely want to take advantage of the amazing opportunity Big Data represents. Problem is, the road to Big Data ROI has been fraught with peril and compromise. Despite the billions of dollars companies have invested in Big Data, only a small minority have been able to drive business value from it. That's appalling: at Alpine Data Labs, we've made it our mission to end this compromise.

We have built the World's Most Comprehensive Advanced Analytics Platform for Big Data. Our goal is to help your company drive business value from your Big Data investment faster. Here is what we believe and separates us from the pack.

ADVANCED ANALYTICS IN THE BIG DATA ERA. When Gartner Research selected Alpine Data Labs as one of a small number of companies for its Magic Quadrant, the research firm highlighted some of our key differentiators: scalability, our modern collaborative approach and taking customer input to help drive the product roadmap. Gartner also noted that the world has changed quite a bit since the first predictive analytics companies entered this market. We agree: thirty years ago, it was acceptable to extract data before analyzing it. Thirty years ago, it was acceptable to rely on samples to assert your assumptions. Thirty years ago, it was acceptable to only work small datasets. Thirty years ago, it was acceptable to work in isolation from the rest of the company. If your team is forced to work today with the same tools and approach the industry used thirty years ago, they will miss the Big Data opportunity. In a post-internet and post-Hadoop world, why would your people have to download software? Why would they have to learn multiple programming languages? Why would they have to work with limited datasets? Why limit yourself to a desktop solution that not only fails to scale but exposes your organization to risk, because data and results are stored on laptops and shared by email?

Alpine Chorus 5.0 is the world's only advanced analytics platform that is 100% visual, web-based, collaborative and optimized for Big Data.

OPTIMIZED FOR ALL DATA: HADOOP, DATABASE AND ALL COMMONLY USED DATA SOURCES. If you've been part of a data analysis team, then you know that the process of data wrangling is a very painful one. First, teams have to be able to discover what data is available for them to analyze. Next, once you have found the data, it must be moved to a dedicated analytical environment before analysts and data scientists can start their work. Third, your data needs to be massaged, transformed, and structured for usable advanced analysis. If, by chance, miscommunications occur - and they alwyas do - data has to be moved back-and-forth multiple times. The inefficiences of such methods compound into a data pipeline process that can cost the average organization months and millions of dollars. Unsurprisingly, research found that more than 86% of the data a company stores goes unused! At Alpine Data Labs, we are committed to helping you analyze as much data as you want without the need for additional software, hardware or complex configuration.

COMMITTED TO ANALYTICS EXCELLENCE. Analytics Excellence is achieved when your processes and practices can be applied repeatedly and in a predictable manner. That's why we've worked hard to deliver operational functionality embedded in your analytical workflow. With Alpine Chorus, your team is able to:

Work with the latest innovations with ease. We embrace industry standards like PMML, as well as open source platform technologies (Spark, MADlib, MLLib, and others). Alpine Chorus is one of the first Advanced Analytics platform to be certified on Spark and Cloudera CDH5.

Extend your analysis to production. With the Alpine Chorus REST API, it is now possible to edit, run, and integrate predictive models as part of your end-to-end analytic workflow.

Manage the analytics full-life cycle. Version control at every step of data with complete history, roll-back, commenting, model review and tracking.

BROWSE DATABASE AND HADOOP FILE SYSTEM DATA. With Alpine Chorus, analysts can browse and explore datasets across the enterprise. Once a data set is associated with a workspace, Alpine Chorus will manage the flow of data, track dependencies, and always have the most recent version due to its in-cluster technology. Analysts can operate on the data and share the results of their analysis as a new dataset, which can then be discovered and accessed by other users.

SELF-SERVICE PROVISIONING. With Alpine Chorus, the data science team can create new sandboxes with a few simple clicks. There is no longer a need to file a ticket with IT and wait days (or weeks) for the solution. With self- service provisioning, users can instantiate new sandbox schemas on the fly within existing infrastructure.

MINE, MODEL, AND LEVERAGE YOUR DATA WHERE IT LIVES. With Alpine Chorus, business analysts and data scientists perform every aspect of the analytics workflow —exploration and profiling, transformation, modeling, and scoring— without needing to extract or move data to a separate analytics environment. Because Alpine leverages the scalability of existing database and Hadoop platforms, these processes can be performed with no limitations on the size or complexity of your data