What is Enterprise Data Science?

Business impact that’s more than skin deep

A pie chart does not an enterprise tool make. Chorus gives business stakeholders strong governance, auditing, and data visibility features. Business leaders create and define projects, bring together contributors and assign their roles, then track the milestones and the path to success.

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ETL & machine learning that adapts to your business needs

Unleash massive compute jobs across Hadoop and RDBMS with the click of a button in our Visual Workflow Editor. We respect the security policies you have in place by integrating with Kerberos, Sentry, and Ranger. Use our deep Python, R, SQL, Java, and Scala support to build what’s next with the tools you love.

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Deploy intelligent, real-time engines, not slides

With industry-leading support for the emerging Portable Format for Analytics standard, we deploy networks or real-time engines onto PaaS infrastructure like Cloud Foundry, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform. Smarter deployment for smarter apps and actions.

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