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Vendor Showroom


Vendors were out in full force and we saw the usual suspects Cloudera, the newly minted Pivotal, Platfora, Microsoft, Intel, and Tableau giving away t-shirts, pens, and literature on how to get started with Hadoop. You can find the full list of exhibitors here. Over at Alpine, we had quite a few people asking us poignant questions about Alpine 3.0 over the three days of the conference.



We attribute this mostly to our release, but there was also a noted increase in data science projects and collaborating with the wider organization.  We demonstrated Alpine 3.0 in the crowd on an iPad from our interactive tutorial showing how easy it is to use our drag and drop technology.  It was an industry first to show visual web-based advanced analytics on hadoop and big data.


As a way to encourage people to think differently about analytics, Alpine gave away iPads with Alpine pre-configured.  Over the course of the event, we raffled off a dozen iPad Mini’s.