Data Discovery & Governance

Deriving value from data in a consistent and predictable manner requires an open and secure approach for data discovery, blending and governance. In order for enterprises to realize the full value of their data investment without exposing it to security issues, they need to:

  • Streamline the data harmonization process
  • Track the data pipeline from start to finish
  • Access the data from one central place
  • Record data science progress for future value

Data Governance with Alpine Chorus
Equifax Success Story

Why Alpine Chorus?

Alpine Chorus allows users to discover and access all their data easily and securely. Using Alpine Chorus' in-cluster analytics capabilities, they can run queries and transformations remotely, without ever moving data. Further, Alpine Chorus' metadata capabilities allow data scientists, business analysts and their managers to document, track and audit their data pipeline, from start to finish.

Customer Success

"In the past we managed data like a liability. Now, we are able to use it as an asset"

Sylvain Le Borgne, EVP Data Platforms, Havas Media