Customer Intelligence

Businesses today have the opportunity to quantify complex customer profiles and leverage all of this data to achieve better customer relations. The constant stream of customer data makes it accessible for businesses to:

  • Predict customer churn across business units
  • Segment your customers and prospects
  • Construct a 360 degree view of each customer
  • Improve up-sell opportunities for existing customers

Advanced Analytics in the Big Data Era
Havas Media Success Story

Why Alpine Chorus?

Alpine Chorus allows businesses to mine, model, and analyze their customer data, all in one place. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for anyone to build complex models and yield valuable consumer insights, in a matter of minutes.

Customer Success

"In the past we managed data like a liability. Now, we are able to use it as an asset"
- Sylvain Le Borgne, EVP Data Platforms, Havas Media

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