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The War on “Big Data’s Hype”

If you’re in the market for a “Big Data solution”, chances are you’ve found yourself fairly confused by the messages you are hearing from technology vendors.  Every other company in tech nowadays seems to selling “Big Data”.

With such hype and confusion, how should you make your choice?  Where should you get started?  And, how should you make sure you’ve acquired the technology to succeed with Big Data today AND tomorrow?

Here are two key criteria to consider – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Hadoop: The Elephant in the Room?

Word on the street these days is that Hadoop and Big Data are analogous.  Don’t be confused.  That is not true.  Big Data is not Hadoop.  In fact, the majority of the market today is composed of “heterogeneous data environments” e.g. most companies rely on a combination of traditional datasources, MPP databases and Hadoop.   We define “Big Data” as a subjective state that describing the situation a company finds itself in when its infrastructure can’t keep pace with its data needs.

Note that this applies to ANY data – from a simple Postgres database to the most sophisticated Hadoop deployment.

Myth Buster: “Data Science is Dead”

gartner-logoYou’ve read about this here before: most vendors will tell you to hire armies of data scientists in order to succeed with Big Data.  Not true.  We say: “partner with a vendor who can help you scale Data Science across your company.  Data Scientists are the foundation of the Predictive Enterprise and companies who win with data shouldn’t compromise on their data science values.   The key is NOT to replace them but rather to make their work available broadly across the organization via software.   And don’t believe that visualization tools can replace serious math.

The companies that win with data think about data as a transformative asset.  Visualization is a great tool to understand what’s in your data.  But if you want your data to work for you and if you want your data to optimize your processes and the work of your people, you first have to ground your efforts in deep data science and machine learning.

This might sound complicated but it isn’t.  We’ve worked with hundreds of companies who get value from their data in hours rather than months.  Don’t believe it’s true?  Check out what Equifax, Zions Bank, CareCore and Havas have to say about this.

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