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The Right Time

I’m humbled and thrilled by the opportunity to join Alpine Data as CEO. There are rare moments when the right company, market and solution align at the right time. Alpine is one of those companies. Joe Otto, Steven Hillion and the Alpine team have built a great company with some amazing technology that’s being used by some of the biggest companies in the world. The next generation of business opportunities lie in leveraging machine learning. Alpine has all of the elements to lead this charge. And we’re just getting started.

But plenty of work remains. Companies have spent billions of dollars on big data tools and infrastructure and few have seen a meaningful payoff. While there have been some successes, it’s been isolated; it’s been expensive; and it’s been painfully slow. Put simply, most organizations are failing to capture any real value from their investments.

That’s where Alpine comes in. The next phase of evolution needs to connect machine learning and analytics to business behavior so we can fundamentally change the way businesses operate, deliver services, generate revenue and beat the competition. Alpine customers are already doing this, and I’m energized by the opportunity to scale and accelerate this success at more and more companies.

I’ve already met with some Alpine prospects who have recently come to recognize this same need, and they see a massive opportunity just within their own organization. They want to engage every group that thinks about data — business leaders data scientists, IT and LOB users — to put data into action. Imagine what will happen as more companies start to make the same shift as Bosch, Morgan Stanley, Havas Media, eviCore and others.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked at companies who changed the way we use technology every single day. We could see a big wave coming then, and I see a similar change happening here and now. And like I said, Alpine is just getting started.