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The most useful #StrataConf giveaway?

PeriodicTableAs I wrote about a few days ago here, the Strata Conference was a great experience for Alpiners and for many reasons: thousands rushed to Alpine in person and online and the introduction of our latest product – the industry’s first collaborative solution for advanced analytics – was particularly well received.

As we watched the creative give-aways  companies had come up with in order to attract prospects to their booth, we noticed that passers-by actually appreciated more the offer for simple resources.  An example is the “Periodic Table of Data Science Operators” that our Head of Products, Joel Horwitz and our team of Data Scientists had created.  We had printed thousands of them and they are now all gone!

If you didn’t get a copy, don’t worry, we’ve got your back.  The Periodic Table is available online here.  It’s fully interactive, you can share it with your friends and print it for your delight.

It is, of course, best used in conjunction with Alpine Chorus, which you can get for free here.

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