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The Chorus Python SDK

We are excited to announce the 1.0 release of our open-source Python API package alpine! Available now, this package serves as a Python wrapper to some API endpoints in Alpine and includes functions that add useful functionality to Alpine.

The library can be found at Feel free to fork; if you do something interesting with it, let us know! Installing it is as easy as installing any other Python package: just type pip install alpine from a terminal command line.

Once installed, you can write a Python program that will login to your Alpine instance and allow you interact with users, workspaces, and workfiles.

Running a workflow and downloading the results is as simple as:

>>> import alpine as AlpineAPI
>>> session = AlpineAPI.APIClient(host, port, username, password)
>>> process_id =

And to monitor workflow progress and download the results:
>>> session.workfile.process.wait_until_finished(workfile_id, process_id)
>>> results =, process_id)

Other uses include chaining complex sequences of workflows, running workflows based on external triggers, batch addition or alteration of user accounts, parameter optimization, and model cross-validation.

You can find the full documentation and more examples here: