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Startup Showcase

On Monday, we had a full day of events starting with the Cloudera Partner Summit, followed by press interviews and then the Opening Reception in the Sponsor Pavillion. Alpine was selected as one of only twelve startups to participate in the Startup Showcase.  As a well known event that highlights innovation in the Big Data space, it provides small companies the chance to create awareness by engaging with entrepreneurs, press, investors and even potential employees. As Bruno Aziza, Alpine Data Labs CMO described in his interview below, “Our solution is visual, its drag and drop, and requires no programming experience whatsoever.” In addition to that, Bruno goes on to mention how “we’re web enabled… and we are built for hadoop and big data.  No data movement.”

IMG_1739As part of NYC Dataweek, it was completely open to the public and drew a very strong turnout. A popular topic of the night was around securing hadoop for enterprise and there was a lot of interest from investors.  Sqrrl was the audience choice to win the Showcase and the judges chose Metric Insights.  Along with the winners, Alpine was featured in VentureBeat’s article, “Big data, little companies: These six startups want to disrupt the data world.”