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Software is eating the world. But who’s digesting it?

When Marc Andreessen wrote his famous “Software is eating the world” in 2011, he popularized the idea that software would be at the basis of key industry disruptions.  His prediction rang particularly true when, this year, Uber and AirBnB disrupted the transportation and the hospitality industries in very public manners. The trend that Marc described is now visible in every industry, from financial services to telecommunications to healthcare.

Every day, we work with leaders who are on a mission to modernize their business through the better use of software, big data and machine learning. But not everyone can be Uber or AirBnb.  If your company is trying to take advantage of the disruptive forces of big data and advanced analytics, you must know that software is only a means to an end.  You must dig underneath Marc’s comment to find the answer that’s relevant to your organization.

The companies that succeed in transforming their business through data have launched centers of excellence they use to change the way people engage with information.

  • Listen to Jeff McMillan from Morgan Stanley here as he highlights in a recent interview why not many organizations are “built to share” and what you must do in order to change that. The companies that drive sustainable change understand that, while they must take advantage of data by ingesting large amounts of it, they must use advanced analytics to filter the noise and surface only the insights that are relevant.
  • Tune in here to see how CareCore National, a $1.5B healthcare leader transformed the way it authorizes medical care by applying a new engagement model for patients, nurses, doctors, data…and software. Marc’s comment was just the beginning. IDC predicted that, by 2018, one-third of the current market share leaders will be disrupted by new competitors – or “reinvented” incumbents – that use a new approach of services and business models. This “new approach” will be characterized by the way these disruptors work with data, people and insights.


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