All Your Data. All Your People.
Redefine What Analytics Means in Your Company.

Alpine Explorer

enables you to quickly discover, analyze, model, and leverage data where it lives. Visually create ad hoc analysis that scales with you.

Alpine Base Camp

is a secure knowledge center where your team can map your data assets, analysis, and insights without having to add more hardware or change your environment.

Alpine Summit

embeds analytics deep into the genetics of your organization. It fuels your data driven culture to create un-paralleled access to all of the insights, all of the time.

Features Explorer Base Camp Summit
Small Footprint on a Simple Web Server
Point and Click Model Creation
Data Exploration, Transformation, and Feature Creation
Data Mining, Machine Learning, Validation, and Scoring
Customization with Native Database and Hadoop Languages
Search (Data, Models, Results and People)  
Teams, Analytics Sandbox, News Feed, and Notifications  
Data Library with Previews and Tagging  
API Support for Remote User, Workspace, and Projects  
Real-Time Scoring and PMML Export    
Workflow Automation, Scheduling and Execution    

*AdvisorNow is Alpineā€™s premier advisory service to support your data projects. Available for Base Camp and Summit. Learn more.