Make Campaigns Better

The Goal

The increasing amount of data available to the media and advertising industry, combined with the emerging sophistication of machine learning has put pressure on agencies worldwide to deliver precise, predictive insights to their customers. However, delivering these insights requires empowering a larger set of analysts and account managers to access and analyze the data at hand in a streamlined way.


"In the past, data was a liability. Now, it's an asset."
Sylvain Le Borgne, EVP Data Platforms
Havas Media

The Impact

Havas Media was able to train various departments of analysts, data scientists, and managers to use Chorus in order to provide predictive insights to their customers. The Visual Workflow Editor allows them to be transparent with their customers about how they are using their data and easily tweak the models they have built without writing complex sequences of code.

“Alpine has become the standard way that every analyst and data scientist interacts with data at Havas. That means everyone can leverage the power of all these big databases and analyze data with billions of rows and thousands of variables—this just wasn’t possible before.”

Marion Azoulai, Senior Data Scientist
Alpine Data