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Making Data Science Matter: Alpine and Pivotal Partnership Offers Complete Set of Tools for Creating Smart Applications

As enterprises rush to integrate data and analytics into their decision making and operations, they continue to struggle with showing concrete results from their investments in big data. Technical IT barriers, organizational friction and siloed data science efforts that often don’t make it beyond PowerPoint presentations all make it difficult to orchestrate the transition from a data repository/lake and BI to operationalized advanced analytics.

That is exactly why we’re so excited to announce a new partnership between Pivotal and Alpine Data. Our product and services stack are natural complements to one another, providing a complete set of building blocks for enterprises to attain business value from their investment in modern data platforms.

The Pivotal Big Data Suite offers a broad foundation for modern data architectures while Pivotal Cloud Foundry provides an industry standard platform for enterprises to develop and deploy applications. We see Alpine’s flagship product, Chorus, as an important link between the two. With Chorus’ collaborative platform for advanced analytics, users have an end-to-end solution that reduces organizational friction between data science, IT and line of business users as they build out analytic assets and manifest those assets as components of an application.

Chorus and Pivotal BDS were made for each other, literally! Alpine’s core Visual Workflow Editor and analytics engine were incubated as a research project within Pivotal Greenplum before Alpine Data was founded as an independent company. Customers running Chorus on top of Pivotal BDS will be able to get up and running very easily, without having to deal with any big data infrastructure hurdles.

Chorus provides project management and communication tools for business stakeholders and data scientists alike, facilitating data governance while creating transparency and collaboration across groups. Chorus removes the friction between business problems and operational solutions with a clear framework for model management and deployment. The Visual Workflow Editor also increases model-building bandwidth by expanding ETL and modeling capabilities to business analysts and other team members that are not necessarily code-savvy.

Data repositories/lakes and BI alone often do not drive enough value from data assets. With Chorus and Pivotal BDS, you can easily build machine learning models that leverage data from any data source, expedite the process of building scoring engines around your models and quickly deploy them as microservices within Pivotal Cloud Foundry. This turn-key solution makes it easy to plug in predictive components to end user applications that scale, without going through lengthy development cycles.

Together, Alpine and Pivotal provide organizations with a comprehensive toolkit for moving from data to insight to action. We expect this to unlock enormous value for our joint customers and look forward to seeing the exciting ways they transform their operations with advanced analytics.

Our VP of Engineering, Lawrence Spracklen, will be speaking this week at the Pivotal SpringOne Conference. Join his session to learn more about deploying intelligent applications with Chorus and Cloud Foundry.