High Tech

Make Sales Better

The Goal

For a global technology company, qualifying leads and deploying sales resources is no small task. There are several factors to consider at any given time: changing price points, various packaging options with different offers, economic variables for different geographic regions-- the list goes on. Enterprise AI is needed to help a sales organization constantly learn from what’s being sold in the field and to continue to push intelligent next steps to salespeople dynamically.


“We’re giving people on the business side the freedom to ask questions of their data without fear of a long and complex process.”
VP, Data Platforms
Global Financial Firm

The Impact

VMware is able to use Chorus as a platform for data scientists to communicate with each other from across the world in order to build and iterate on complex models for sales and marketing. Data scientists in India and the US can work together on various pieces of the data science development process without losing track of the entire process. Using Chorus as a standardized data science platform has saved VMware immensely on point solutions, and has brought the power of Enterprise AI to a broad set of data scientists.

“For VMware, the Chorus platform has connected their analytic teams around the world and also engaged business stakeholders. On a recent project the business worked with data scientists in Silicon Valley and India to modify the features used in training a decision tree classifier. They wanted to focus on those features that were easy for the business to influence, making the models more relevant to daily operations.”

T.J. Bay, Lead Data Scientist
Alpine Data