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Happy Thanksgiving…and happy customer analytics!

Today, many are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, a time when families, friends and loved ones gather to reflect on the many things they are thankful for, personally and professionally.  There are indeed many things we are thankful for here at Alpine Data Labs – from our customers to partners and the great employees who work hard at changing the world of Advanced Analytics.

This past October, the team pulled off one of the biggest product releases in the company’s history – Alpine Chorus 5.0.  We showcased it at the Strata conference in New York city and we’ve been overwhelmed by the level of incoming interest for our technology.  We feel honored to be in this position and we are excited to onboard so many new customers!

As you get a few free cycles over this holiday break, I thought I’d offer three quick resources to familiarize yourself further with Alpine Chorus 5.0 approach to the Advanced Analytics problem.  Read more about the release here, download our datasheet here and watch below a quick overview of how customers can use our technology to drive better customer insights.

Happy Thanksgiving!


PS: If you’d like a dedicated demo, request yours here!