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Going MEGA at the GIGA Conference

This past week, Alpine had the opportunity to appear on stage at the GigaOM Data Structure Conference in New York.  Steven Hillion, our Chief Product Officer (in photo below) explained in his keynote how companies could rapidly gain value from Big Data.  He was joined on stage by Ion Stoica, Spark’s founder and Alpine Data Labs became one of the first companies to receive Databrick’s “Spark Certification Award”.  The news created quite a stir in the industry.

Steven at Giga

eWeek Magazine applauded Steven’s performance and explained how Alpine Data Labs focus was on “masking Hadoop complexity” and Information Management stated that Big Data had reached an “inflection point”.

GigaOM, Inside BigData and Datanami lauded Alpine’s innovation while CMS Wire wrote about twice!  One time to explain how Alpine’s technology could turn Big Data into a Priceless Asset and one more time to describe Alpine’s capabilities in context: “when it comes to creating user-friendly dashboards built for collaboration between data workers and business users Alpine has made a great deal of progress.”

KDNuggets expanded on the concept of “Hadoop at the speed of Business”, and wrote that combination of an agile process enabled by Alpine’s collaborative capabilities and Spark’s lightning fast performance making “the two a match made in heaven”

If you’d like to find out more about the opportunity that Spark brings to your business, be sure to read Steven’s contributed post on Databricks blog here.

If you’d like to quickly find out more about Alpine Data Labs technology, watch the below video.  If you’d like to meet us next week, be sure to stop by my Interop keynote next week here and find me at the Gartner Business Intelligence Conference.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!