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Doubling Down

Three years ago, we made a long-term bet that predictive analytics would become the indispensable tool in the big data enterprise of the future, just as the spreadsheet became the go-to analytic tool of the PC era. When we set about to integrate Chorus, an open source collaboration framework, with the Alpine analytic engine, we knew we were creating something very different from conventional analytic software. But perhaps we didn’t truly appreciate what that really meant.  We believed that we needed to bridge the gap between the disparate worlds of the data scientist and the business practitioner. And by doing so, we could help our customers unlock value from their big data by making the powerful insights, available through data science at scale, more relevant to their business.  Judging by what is happening today, I think we made the right bet.

By today’s standards, the early adopters of Chorus used fairly rudimentary functionality to collaborate differently around analytic projects. Nonetheless, Chorus provided the foundation that allows them to take full advantage of the major trends that are transpiring in our industry.  The commoditization of the machine learning layer, combined with greater awareness around operational requirements and the explosion of cloud alternatives, is opening up a whole new era of analytic consumption. I am really proud to say we have been in the middle of it all along the way.  So, by my estimate, this is the perfect time to double down on our bet of 3 years ago, and take Alpine to the next level.

Today, I am very pleased to welcome Dan Udoutch as the new CEO of Alpine, adding another industry veteran to our existing leadership team. Dan brings expertise around operational excellence to scale Alpine to the next level and to create a much stronger company.  And while he is taking on the day-to-day job of guiding the company, I will be moving into the full-time role of Chairman, and will be working with strategic partners to drive new opportunities and markets for Alpine.  To me, this is a win-win for our customers, our partners and, of course, the real life-blood of Alpine, our brilliant team!

While it has been my distinct privilege to be on this journey with such a committed group of technologists and marketers, I believe we are at just the starting point of an even more amazing time, and I am excited to see the transformation happen.

Go Alpine!