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  • Cloud & virtualization software and services provider
  • Global sales & data science teams
  • Using predictive models to enhance sales & marketing campaigns

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“Chorus enables us to communicate more effectively between different constituents within vmware and has helped us make a greater impact within the sales and marketing organizations.”

Parag Chitalia
Sr. Director, Advanced Analytics, VMware

The Business Opportunity

VMware is a global leader in cloud and virtualization software and services. Many enterprises rely on VMware’s suite of products to keep their businesses running efficiently, and this requires a sophisticated sales and marketing team to engage appropriately with their customer base. VMware’s data science team was looking for a platform that would allow them to build predictive lead scoring models quickly, without having to repeat their work for every sales region. They also needed a solution that made it easy to push these scored leads to their sales team via their marketing automation system.

The Technology Requirements

VMware needed an advanced analytics solution that was capable of managing their lead scoring and pipeline forecasting models. Since their data science team is global, collaboration and project management features were a clear need. They also needed a solution that offered an extensible platform to implement lead scoring models that had already been built in-house and that leveraged data from their existing database and Hadoop environments.

The Alpine Solution

VMware is now able to create all of their lead scoring and pipeline forecasting models within Chorus Workflows. Their global data science team is able to track, version control, and collaborate on these models to get them through the process of ETL, modeling, and production without getting stuck at the build stage. Scored leads produced by the models in Chorus are pushed directly into VMware’s marketing automation system, allowing their sales team to receive targeted information about leads, pricing, and packaging directly.