Featured Customers: Havas Media

Havas Media

  • Fastest growing media buying agency in the world
  • More than $2 Billion in annual revenue
  • Customers include PayPal, TD Ameritrade, Nike & Coca-Cola

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Case Study

Havas Media Case Study

“In the past, data was a liability. Now, it’s an asset.”

Sylvain Le Borgne
EVP, Data Platforms, Havas Media

The Business Opportunity

As the fastest growing media buying agency in the world, data has always been at the core of Havas’ business. But faced with growing data volumes and increasing customer demands for insight into campaign performance, Havas realized it needed to find a way to both streamline the analytics process and empower end-users – account teams and even clients themselves – to easily access and learn from incoming data. Havas wanted to democratize advanced analytics capabilities across the organization, so that insights weren’t locked within a “black box” that only programmers and data experts could access and manipulate.

The Technology Requirements

Havas previously relied on a team of SQL and SAS programmers to prepare, process and analyze the huge volumes of data it captures from dozens of digital and traditional media channels – a process both resource and time-intensive. The company wanted to find a way to more quickly make data insights available to the decision makers who need them, without a lot of IT involvement. Havas selected Chorus to power its new “self-service” approach to analytics. Chorus enables Havas to deploy reusable analytic models that business users can access without help from IT, empowering them to query data on their own to better understand campaign performance.

The Alpine Solution

The Chorus Platform has enabled Havas to scale its analytics strategy from one that used to exclusively be the domain of data scientists to an organization-wide practice that includes business users, such as the hundreds of account managers that work directly with clients worldwide on a daily basis. Because Chorus is easy for both technical and non-technical people to use, the entire organization has been able to become more tactical about using data to improve campaign performance for the agency’s clients.