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Workout of the Week: Crunchbase Investments

Welcome back to another edition of Alpine Data Lab’s Workout of the Week!  This week we’ll be looking at some Crunchbase investment data using a simple k-means clustering algorithm.  In less than 10 minutes, we’re going to take the raw data provided by Crunchbase and analyze it based on investors, companies, and the average investment.  If you’d like to follow along with your very own edition of Alpine, click on the button below.

Data: Crunchbase Investment Data

Analysis: Crunchbase has collected investment data since 2007 with over 4 Million transactions. Is Silicon Valley really the best place to start a company? Where are companies finding investment and where do they find an exit?  In this short exercise, we’ll take investment and acquisition data to see where you should start your next startup. (6 MINS)

Video: Check out the video to see how we performed the analysis and what the data told us!

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