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The Need for Open Standards in Predictive Analytics

This week I had the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion at the ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining. The panel discussion was part of the “Special Session on Standards in Predictive Analytics In the Era of Big and Fast Data” organized by the DMG (Data Mining Group). The panel session… Read more »

Harnessing Big Data with Spark

Last week I was in NYC, speaking at Data Summit 2016 and was quite impressed with the leading technologies and strategies that were presented. My presentation on enterprise Spark performance not only gave me the opportunity to reflect on the recent advances in big data, but also talk about the evolution from MapReduce to Spark… Read more »

Alpine @INFORMS – Its Your People, Not Your Tools

This week Alpine had the pleasure of attending a new big data conference sponsored by INFORMS, a leading media company who has brought us some excellent literature on Data Science and Analytics for business applications. A very complete and easy to follow book of theirs, that I encourage you to read, is Data Science for… Read more »

Going MEGA at the GIGA Conference

This past week, Alpine had the opportunity to appear on stage at the GigaOM Data Structure Conference in New York.  Steven Hillion, our Chief Product Officer (in photo below) explained in his keynote how companies could rapidly gain value from Big Data.  He was joined on stage by Ion Stoica, Spark’s founder and Alpine Data… Read more »

Big Data Secrets from Ford, Barclays and Morgan Stanley

There is no doubt that Big Data offers a great opportunity for companies of all sizes.  Big Data also presents a set of very challenging issues.  From ease-of-use to security, to performance, IT departments around the world have been working to make Big Data “Enterprise-Ready”.  If you’ve read any of our recent announcements, you’ll see… Read more »