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Meet the New Operators in Chorus 6.3

Alpine’s latest product release adds ten new operators, including the much-requested Python Execute operator. The rest fall into a two primary themes: (1) Data movement — copying between databases, moving to and from Excel, exporting to your Tableau server, and connecting to Hive. (2) Enhanced user experience in data analysis — new and improved ARIMA… Read more »

Meet the New Operators in Chorus 6.2.2

The recent release of Chorus 6.2.2 brings five new ETL and Machine Learning operators to your analytics toolbox. These are quiet features that may not have caught your attention yet, but they make a big impact on the analytics functionality you have at your fingertips. Consider this blog post a highlight reel to welcome these… Read more »

Announcing Chorus 6.1

Last week we announced the availability of Chorus 6.1. With this latest release, we’ve continued to deliver new enterprise analytics features, including several marquee items such as enterprise data governance, Spark Autotuning, and support for a developing model interchange specification, PFA. Enterprise data governance: Chorus 6.1 introduces support for administrators to exert fine-grain control over… Read more »

Making Data Science Matter: Alpine and Pivotal Partnership Offers Complete Set of Tools for Creating Smart Applications

As enterprises rush to integrate data and analytics into their decision making and operations, they continue to struggle with showing concrete results from their investments in big data. Technical IT barriers, organizational friction and siloed data science efforts that often don’t make it beyond PowerPoint presentations all make it difficult to orchestrate the transition from… Read more »

Announcing Chorus 6!

We’re pleased to announce the release of Chorus 6, the next generation of our industry-leading collaborative data science platform. Chorus 6 guides businesses through machine learning and data science projects and helps organize the teams that are responsible for those projects’ success. If you’ve ever had trouble with coordinating data scientists and business stakeholders, or… Read more »