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Machine learning: clustering and classification on the campaign trail

*this post originally appeared in Computerworld* Discovering and targeting micro-populations for politics and profit As the election season rampages on, we categorize voters into broad demographics — soccer moms, NASCAR dads, blacks, whites, ALICEs, yuppies — in an attempt to understand and discuss this complex, churning electorate. In doing so we’re tapping into something fundamental about… Read more »

Putting deep learning to work

*this post originally appeared in Computerworld* Hype aside, deep learning can open up new sources of data for business analysis After demonstrating discontinuous jumps in image recognition performance and defeating Korean grandmaster Lee Se-dol at Go, a game long resistant to computer mastery, deep learning has kicked up a swirling cloud of hype. And controversy…. Read more »

Machine learning: demystifying linear regression and feature selection

*this post originally appeared in Computerworld* The time-tested technique for predicting numbers, and the role of domain knowledge in machine learning. Businesspeople need to demand more from machine learning so they can connect data scientists’ work to relevant action. This requires basic machine learning literacy — what kinds of problems can machine learning solve, and… Read more »

The cost of an error: balancing the role of humans and machines

*this post originally appeared in Computerworld* When the cost of an error isn’t trivial, we need better approaches to error mitigation to operationalize and scale machine learning Errors happen. It’s an unavoidable component of modeling complex systems and decisions. I had the opportunity to ponder this while taking cover in a bus shelter during a… Read more »

Your business should demand more from machine learning

*this post originally appeared in Computerworld* As a businessperson, the ability to make specific, actionable requests of your data scientists, hold them to a high standard and connect their work to relevant action is basic contemporary corporate literacy.  I remember clearly my disappointment when I learned, as a college student, how computers were able to… Read more »