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Bringing Collaboration to Big Data: It’s just the beginning!

Thank You ALL for the great moments at the Strata Conference Santa Clara this week! We announced the availability of Alpine Chorus and had many occasions to connect with the local community and all the Data Geeks that made the trip to participate in this great event.  Lots happened of course, but here is how the event broke down for us:

  • Monday Night, hundreds of Data Geeks signed up to join us in our “Pig Roast” – a mix of Pig language scripting, Alpine Data Modelling…and of course, some great Pig sandwiches (see photos below).
  • Tuesday Night, our “Strata Vespa Extravaganza” brought controversy when the Data Scientist from Uber had to draw TWICE to find the winner of our challenge (you can win a second Vespa by signing up here btw…)
  • And, finally, Wednesday culminated with awesome presentations from Sony, Havas and Aridhia as well as an incredible panel and office hour presence by our own Chief Product Officer – Steven Hillion.

If you missed the event physically, don’t worry, there is plenty to read online (after, Alpine got the largest amount of retweets on Monday).  Below some of the highlights.  If you can’t wait, try Alpine Chorus for free here and let us know what you think!

  • KD Nuggets: Alpine announces Chorus, the “Industry’s First Collaborative Advanced Analytics solution”, enabling “Team-based” Data Science (more here)
  • Bloor Group: Alpine Chorus might well become “the SharePoint of Data Science” (more here)
  • Information Week: Alpine Chorus eliminates the time-consuming back-and-forth between business users who know what they want and data wonks who were previously the only ones who could deliver results (more here)
  • ZDNet:“pretty impressive” (more here)
  • Ventana Research: “Just had coolest demo of streamlined analytics that are collaborative on BigData from Alpine Data Labs. Free trial on Net!” (more here)
  • Butler Analytics: Right now “Chorus stands alone in offering collaborative capability of this nature” (more here)
  • Silicon Angle: Can Big Data be “as easy as Facebook”? Alpine Data Labs Thinks So (more here)
  • Datanami: Alpine’s plan with Chorus: To build a “single, overarching platform that brings together multiple data analytic products and their users”. And it does so using the Web 2.0 metaphors of Google for search and Facebook for sharing.  (more here)
  • Fierce Big Data: Alpine Labs is admirably addressing this problem with a new offering called Alpine Chorus that “enables across-the-board participation and collaboration” (more here)

Like what you are reading?  Analytical Success is just a few clicks away.  Get started today by trying Alpine Chorus for free here!

Pig Roast at Strata Santa Clara 2014

Jovial start to the event, kicked off by Joel Horwitz, our Head of Products and Dr. Will Ford, Alpine’s Lead Scientist

The event was thoughtful and participative…providing “food for thoughts” for many

Finally, the event concluded with Pig sandwiches and vegetarian salads…providing some “thoughts for food”…:)