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Making Data Science Matter: Alpine and Pivotal Partnership Offers Complete Set of Tools for Creating Smart Applications

As enterprises rush to integrate data and analytics into their decision making and operations, they continue to struggle with showing concrete results from their investments in big data. Technical IT barriers, organizational friction and siloed data science efforts that often don’t make it beyond PowerPoint presentations all make it difficult to orchestrate the transition from… Read more »

Putting deep learning to work

*this post originally appeared in Computerworld* Hype aside, deep learning can open up new sources of data for business analysis After demonstrating discontinuous jumps in image recognition performance and defeating Korean grandmaster Lee Se-dol at Go, a game long resistant to computer mastery, deep learning has kicked up a swirling cloud of hype. And controversy…. Read more »

A Conversation about Data Science with UC Berkeley

Earlier this month, we were invited by the UC Berkeley School of Information to host a conversation on the real-world applications of data science. It was an honor to be invited and we were happy to host what turned out to be their most popular webinar yet. A worry of any presenter is reaching the… Read more »

Getting Better Performance with Pyspark

Holden Karau is the Principal Software Engineer for IBM’s Spark Technology Center. She is an expert in using Spark’s open source cluster computing system to make data fast to run and fast to write. Holden has co-authored two books on the subject, Learning Spark and Fast Data Processing with Spark, and is currently working on… Read more »

Enterprise Scale Topological Data Analysis Using Spark

Last week I had the opportunity to speak at Spark Summit in San Francisco. It was great to learn about how different businesses are utilizing Spark to meet their needs and the speed at which Spark has been evolving. Spark has become one of the most powerful open source processing engines and I was able… Read more »