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All About Deep Tech: Execution Frameworks

The “All About Deep Tech” blog series is about just what the title suggests: in-depth looks at the cool technology that makes Chorus run smoothly and how we leverage the latest and greatest in the big data industry to keep our customers ahead of the curve. If you missed our last post on AdaptiveML, be… Read more »

All About Deep Tech: Alpine AdaptiveML

As VP of Engineering at Alpine, my charter is to build a product that helps enterprise customers leverage the latest and greatest in data science and machine learning technology to create tangible business outcomes. In some cases, this takes form in integrating various open source algorithms into the product for emerging areas such as deep… Read more »

Feature Spotlight: Python Execute

Last year we announced the addition of Python Notebooks into the Chorus Platform. This was a long-requested feature which gave teams of data scientists and analysts even more flexibility within Chorus. Notebooks let you easily perform interactive Python analysis on data from any of the sources, Hadoop or database, connected to Chorus. Like Visual Workflows,… Read more »

Spark Summit East 2017: Spark Autotuning with Alpine Data

Last week at Spark Summit East 2017, Alpine Data presented details about technology we have developed for autotuning Spark jobs. Spark can deliver amazing performance allowing data scientists to apply complex machine learning algorithms on large data sets and quickly deliver actionable insights. However, Spark is extremely sensitive to how the Spark job is configured… Read more »

Meet the New Operators in Chorus 6.2

With each release of Chorus, we see product enhancements for usability, integrations, security and more. But there is also continuous growth in the ETL and machine learning algorithms available to users. Many of these quietly slip into the operator list in your Chorus sidebar without notice, so we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce… Read more »