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Startup Showcase

On Monday, we had a full day of events starting with the Cloudera Partner Summit, followed by press interviews and then the Opening Reception in the Sponsor Pavillion. Alpine was selected as one of only twelve startups to participate in the Startup Showcase.  As a well known event that highlights innovation in the Big Data… Read more »

Big Data Camp

On Sunday the day before STRATA officially kicked off, we saw a number of interesting talks at Big Data Camp.  Hosted by Dave Nielsen, Big Data Camp is a very unconventional way of having an open discussion forum. We first heard from Joel Horwitz of Alpine Data Labs discuss why “Your customers are more brutal than you… Read more »

My, What a Busy NYC DataWeek!

New York City was abuzz with activity from all areas of the Big Data Analytics spectrum.  We started off on Sunday with a less than typical Big Data Camp focused on areas of tools, business use cases, and data science.  Monday we were in full blown Strata Hadoop World mode with interviews, a startup showcase,… Read more »


Up to now, companies interested in building Predictive Analytics have been forced to sample their data, spend large budgets on redundant infrastructure and work with code or proprietary scripts.  While such an approach might have been understandable in the 1980’s, it is simply intolerable in today’s world. In today’s post-internet and post-Hadoop era, companies expect… Read more »

To Coupon or Not To Coupon: What Does The Data Say?

In February of 2012, JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson decided consumers didn’t want coupons anymore. With this in mind, he decided to rebrand the retailer. Soon, a new logo was introduced along with “fair and square” prices and boutique departments. Long known for their coupon offerings, JCPenney seemed doomed from the start: their 2012 first quarter earnings… Read more »