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This Place Is Buzzing!

What an exciting time to be in the Big Data field in San Francisco! As I’m sure many of you saw in IDC’s latest report, the industry is expected to grow at 54.9% through 2017.  Market dynamics are changing and they open all types of opportunities for companies like ours to have a sustainable impact in… Read more »

Monkey See, Monkey Can’t Do: Why Traditional BI & Analytics Tools are unable to fulfill the promise of Big Data in Healthcare

The healthcare and life science industries have been devoted users of traditional statistical analysis tools and business intelligence reporting systems for decades, and causal analysis in tightly controlled studies has been de rigueur in the increasingly strict legal and regulatory constructs that have emerged over 70 plus years dating back to the 1938 Food Drug… Read more »

Vendor Showroom

Vendors were out in full force and we saw the usual suspects Cloudera, the newly minted Pivotal, Platfora, Microsoft, Intel, and Tableau giving away t-shirts, pens, and literature on how to get started with Hadoop. You can find the full list of exhibitors here. Over at Alpine, we had quite a few people asking us poignant… Read more »