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The End of the Analytics Black Box

Havas Media is one of the largest media companies in the world in over 126 markets and generating over $2 Billion in annual revenue last year.  Sylvain Le Borgne, EVP Data Platforms, shared with us the secret to their success was creating a data driven culture by moving from strategic analytics to tactical. Specifically, Havas Media… Read more »

Big Data and Marketing

I recently had the opportunity to present at the Sierra Ventures and IBM CMO Council.  In attendance, where leaders from the Telecommunication, Retail and Online industries.  The primary question was: “How should Marketing best leverage Big Data”. With such an open question, one could be tempted to explore all kinds of new scenarios that Marketing… Read more »

This Place Is Buzzing!

What an exciting time to be in the Big Data field in San Francisco! As I’m sure many of you saw in IDC’s latest report, the industry is expected to grow at 54.9% through 2017.  Market dynamics are changing and they open all types of opportunities for companies like ours to have a sustainable impact in… Read more »