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Churn Analysis in 8 minutes or less?!

Churn analysis refers to the calculation of the rate of attrition in the customer base of your company. It involves identifying the consumer sets that are most likely to discontinue using your service or product.  Such analysis is typically very complex and convoluted.  It requires many hours of work from data gathering to set-up to… Read more »

Work out of the Week: Weather Analysis

As the west coast gets pummeled with rain, snow, and sleet we start to wonder, “is this weather normal? Can we expect more to come in the following months? Is the drought in California over?” Find out this and more as we use a simple variable operator and the bar chart to compare the weather… Read more »

Are You Pumped Yet?

We are sooo excited about Strata – we can hardly wait!   There are many ways to stay connected to the action if you already at the event of course: from joining our Pig Roast, to stopping by our booth (#201) to joining a raffle for a Vespa here.  But, if you can’t make the event,… Read more »

Workout of the Week: Product Lifetime Analysis

Welcome back to another edition of Alpine Data Lab’s Workout of the Week!  This week we’ll be looking at some Product Activity data using a simple linear regression algorithm.  In less than 10 minutes, we’re going to take some raw product data and produce a model that tests the long-held belief that more product adoption… Read more »