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Be The Change You Want to See!

One of the thought leaders I’ve admired the most over the years is Mahatma Gandhi. His persistence and calm approach to massive sea changes are often quoted as the model for driving successful transformations.

The world of Advanced Analytics is going through a tremendous transformation. It could use a calm but persistent reminder of the forces that are impacting this change. If you agree with the below points, we invite you to voice your difference and vote for Alpine in the 2014 KDnuggets Survey.

Change the World...With Alpine

So, what’s happening in the Advanced Analytics World these days?

First, the idea of having to download software to get to use it, is a model of the past. You can now get access to the most powerful technology online (from Salesforce to Zendesk to Alpine) without having to download anything to your desktop. This, of course, removes the unnecessary setting headache users typically have to go through prior to enjoying the benefits of software. Companies using Alpine, also found that it’s more secure to let IT manage set-up and data access because, with this model, sensitive data is no longer stored on people’s machines. It’s centrally managed.

Second, the data playing field has changed. We now live in a post-Internet and post-Hadoop world. Your toolset should work on any type of data – big or small – with minimal friction. If you have to move data around and suffer from the consequences of poorly engineered “data pipelines”, your company will find it challenging to out-innovate the competition. Don’t buy desktop tools that force you to tactically handle data problems. Choose the strategic view and don’t compromise your opportunity to do serious math at scale. “Sampling” is an insult to your data. If you have access to it all, why should you only be able to analyze a little?

Third, Advanced Analytics used to be reserved to the few. It used to be complicated and required scripting skills and other specialized knowledge. The result of that approach led to massive failures. According to research, only 4% of companies can attribute business value to the work they’ve done on their data so far.  Be the change you wish to see.  Give Alpine a try and see how all types of users – from Data Scientists to Business Analysts – have been able to do sophisticated math at scale. Be careful here though: the trick is to provide both accessibility and sophistication.

Finally, I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that the enterprise software licensing model has been turned on its head. Companies used to have to buy perpetual licenses in order to procure software and this model provided a weak path to satisfaction. The software-as-a-service model enabled for that logic to change. Now, when you buy software as a subscription, like Alpine, both the buyer and the vendor find themselves in a relationship of continued commitment. This is better for everyone: it increases accountability and reduces “shelfware”.

We’d love to gather your support and appear at the top of this survey, not because we are looking for another award (you might know that Alpine has been shortlisted by Gartner, CIO Magazine and TieCon over the last 90 days). We would consider it as an expression of your desire to see a change in the world of Advanced Analytics. So help us out and be the change you want to see!