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Are You Pumped Yet?

We are sooo excited about Strata – we can hardly wait!   There are many ways to stay connected to the action if you already at the event of course: from joining our Pig Roast, to stopping by our booth (#201) to joining a raffle for a Vespa here.  But, if you can’t make the event, be sure to join the Twitter and Facebook conversations around Strata here and here

PumpedThere is also a lot of great content to ruminate on while you’re waiting for the big event, below a quick preview of some of the stuff we’ll be playing at Strata this week.

Workout of the Week!  Work your Data OUT with Joel Horwitz is about Extreme Data Science.  Watch him here as he takes data from Jawbone, Withing, FitBit, Nike+ and Foursquare and puts it to work in less than 10 mins.

“The End of the Analytics Black Box” with Tableau and Havas Media – Find out here how Havas Media, one of the fastest growing media agency in the world uses Data Science for Marketing.

Machine Learning is NOT Magic – Read this great opinion piece by Sung Chung on Machine Learning.  Sung has worked at Microsoft, Ebay and graduated from Stanford in Computer Science.  He will stop by our Pig Roast on Monday night – be sure to ping him on the blog!