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Announcing Chorus 6!

We’re pleased to announce the release of Chorus 6, the next generation of our industry-leading collaborative data science platform. Chorus 6 guides businesses through machine learning and data science projects and helps organize the teams that are responsible for those projects’ success. If you’ve ever had trouble with coordinating data scientists and business stakeholders, or preventing duplicative, siloed efforts across projects, Chorus 6 is for you.

We’ve also been building out the core machine learning and data transformation capabilities of Chorus. In this new release we have an optional package of NLP functionality, new collaborative filtering operators, and several new data transformation techniques, including unpivot, batch aggregation, and replace outliers.

Finally, we’ve introduced a couple substantial integrations. We’re partnering with Trifacta to bring their excellent UX for data transformation to the Chorus platform, and we’ve integrated Python notebooks for quick exploratory data analysis. Our Python notebooks are versioned and managed so that folks can easily collaborate on scripts, and we’ve made it super simple to pull data from any Hadoop cluster or relational database connected to Chorus. No longer do you have to worry about emailing notebooks around or working off stale data.

If you want to learn more, check out our Why Chorus? White paper here!