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Alpine Positioned in Gartner Magic Quadrant Report

“David and Goliath” was the theme we picked when we opened our San Francisco office this past November.  Back then, few people had heard of Alpine but many came, curious to hear about the latest innovation in Advanced Analytics.  Back then, people asked why we had chosen a “David and Goliath” theme for our launch party – some even blogged about it here.

Fast forward 90 days. This past week, Gartner announced that Alpine Data Labs had joined the exclusive Magic Quadrant club – represented this year by the 15 companies that matter in the Advanced Analytics space.

There are many “Goliath” companies in the selection set.  Some are very large.  Some even started doing business in the 70s.  To some extent, Alpine can be considered a “David” in this space. However, we have the privilege to work with amazing companies, who, in our opinion, represent the future of this industry.   Their work is indicative of the tremendous disruption the space is about to experience – their use cases center around 2 key themes:

Timeframe of Relevance – With the advent of Big Data, businesses have the capability to gain more meaningful insight from their data to drive better decision making, but in the absence of timely response rates, insights are compromised.  For many, the Advanced Analytics process takes weeks or even months; this fails the “timeframe of relevance” test and does not meet the standards required to allow business leaders to compete.   At Alpine, we believe that building Analytics needs to be a fluid and iterative process.  It needs to allows all “data constituents” to bring value to the data, and get value out of their analytics quickly.   Our product, Alpine Chorus, is leading the way in this department.  In fact, Gartner notes our very high levels of customer satisfaction and gives us credit for incorporating customer input into our product road map.

Data Science is a Team Sport – According to a recent Bain & Co research report, only 4% of companies attribute decision making performance to the use of Big Data analytics.  So, even when they have done the hard work of storing their data, and have hired the best data science team, companies still struggle to scale their analytics and make it available to more people so they innovate with it. At Alpine, we think it’s time for Big Data to become a profit center.  That’s why, we are built for scale and we provide companies with the best productivity results on top of Hadoop or MPP databases like Greenplum.  Alpine Chorus is scalable, visual and collaborative because innovation comes when your company can harness the power of data and ignite the imagination of your employees.  Gartner in fact, gives us props for our scalability and our state-of-the-art visual composition user interface.

We hope you’ll take Alpine Chorus for spin.  In fact, we’ve made our full product available to you, for free, right off our website here

You’re a few clicks away from the future of Advanced Analytics.  Give it a try here and let us know what you think!