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Alpine @INFORMS – Its Your People, Not Your Tools

This week Alpine had the pleasure of attending a new big data conference sponsored by INFORMS, a leading media company who has brought us some excellent literature on Data Science and Analytics for business applications. A very complete and easy to follow book of theirs, that I encourage you to read, is Data Science for Business.  It captures the relationship between core data science principles and typical business applications.  In fact, we held a workshop on showing exactly how Alpine builds visual analytical workflows to make it even easier to apply these sophisticated algorithms to individual use cases.  In fact you can watch the video of the demo on our channel here.  If you want to try for yourself head over to our online demo by clicking the button below.

Following our workshop we gave a number of demos and spoke with a number of data specialists at our booth.

Many of the people we spoke with expressed less interest in the specific capabilities of the modeling tool and were far more interested in understanding how to manage advanced analytics as projects.  In fact, it is now a well known statistic that more than half of all “Big Data” projects fail to deliver business value as observed in a recent report.  Similar to product innovation or software development the concept of Agile Data Science (or Lean Analytics) is starting to take hold as a way to show value in a short time period BEFORE making a sizable investment.  At INFORMS, I had the pleasure of presenting on this topic from my experience and how we were able to build an analytics platform a few years back with very limited resources.  Here is the presentation if you missed us at the event.

Want to see us in person? We’re headed over to Spark Summit next week to discuss our implementation of the technology you can read more about here. We’ll be discussing our latest implementation of Random Forests code named “Sequoia Forest” by our very own Sung Chung.  If you’d like to meet with us in person, please send us a request by filling out this short form.  Hope to see you there!